Our movies are still going on, did you realize that?


When you’ve been absorbed by pain for a long time, you forget to look at your own life. I mean really look at your life, your wants, your goals that you’ve left in “Notes” – 88 and counting. But, now, with that pain finally subsiding, hopefully continuing to subside, your eyes see things they’ve neglected. That’s a whole other field of anxieté. So, instead let’s just be grateful for the moment of peace. Let’s just leave the rest to 8:28 “It’ll all work out… sooner than later;” even if it’s later, it’ll still work out.


What I’ve learned is that we’re all good, deep down, we have to be, right? If we weren’t, how could the Earth breathe for so many cycles?

But, then, I look at the evidence and realize, no, maybe we all believe we’re good, and there’s the difference between being good and not. The difference is that our beliefs might be wrong. Are we humble enough to accept that?

Title TBA

She finally said this, “My body wreaks of pain and if I wanted, my tears could flow without end, all the while with a smile on my face. That’s the pain of microagression. That’s the pain of piled aggressions.”

She blinked; looked up as though this would suck in any remaining tears.

“We have work to do.”


“Where have you been?”

“Around. Looking for you.”

She beamed.

Why can’t love exist like this?

“It’s awkward”

Sometimes, we need to let ourselves sit with that awkwardness. We need to ease ourselves into that discomfort, because it’s that discomfort that’ll awaken our senses again.