A Drift

My mind drifted to that single moment that sparked my seemingly eternal but naive hope.

“You know what’s weird?”


Even when I do something embarrassing in front of you and want to hide from you, your arms are still the only security blanket I feel safe to hide in.

“Hey, snap out? What’s weird?”

“Nothing, the day they invent mind readers, you can figure it out.”

“Not cool, that’ll be forever long.”

“Who says we don’t have forever long?”

(I can’t help my thoughts from gravitating towards your pull. I’m irrational in this manner; whimsical in this manner) I couldn’t help my thoughts from gravitating towards your pull. I was irrational in this manner; whimsical in this manner. (If you find me, great; if you keep me, better) If you found me, great; if you kept me, better. (But, if you don’t the seasons will still change) But, you didn’t and the seasons are still changing, the moon still rotating, the plants still breathing, people still talking, thinking, laughing, crying. (Still, you’re always going to be a lingering chapter, I don’t doubt that thought will cease) And now, you’re not a lingering chapter, and heavens am I glad that I have no doubts these thoughts have ceased.

Edited Today.


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